About Us

'Everyone is born with eyes, but not everyone has a vision'. Fashion News Outlet, a collective of visionaries; strive to hail fashion’s history books as midwives to a vision materialised in the form of an Online Fashion Magazine. Governed by like minds with a lust for fashion and desire for success, the architects of FNO Magazine are building their fashion empire on the foundation of their revolutionary magazine. Rooted on their discovery of a niche market for showcasing fashion with a creative touch, our team have laboured endlessly utilising their personal skills to prepare engaging content within a glamorous interface for our beloved viewers.

Every aspect of the business, from the website to each page of the magazine is designed and built by our internal body of producers, making our team a testament to talent as well as the unique force behind our distinctive brand. Our proactive approach to growth has enabled FNO Magazine to exceed all expectations within the first year of business and has seen the brand through five successful issues. Bringing you the best in Top Trends, Celebrity Style, Male Fashion, Fashion Journalism, Street Style, High Street Offers, Guess Features, Upcoming Designers, Fashion News, Behind the Scenes Footage and Fashion Photography, FNO Magazine offer our audience the best possible viewing experience.

‘What people call you doesn’t determine who you are; who you are determines what people call you’. We are Fashion News Outlet and people call us ‘the Future of Fashion’.


FNO Mission Statement: 
‘Bridging the gap between the ‘Fashionista and the average Joe’ 
while ‘becoming a median for upcoming fashion designers to showcase and promote their brand’.